Your personal agent will help you find the best-priced, direct manufacturers in China in less than 48 hours.

Our Process is easy.

  • 1 Product Sourcing (Free)
  • 2 Sample Customization (Starts from 20$)
  • 3 Production Follow-Up (As low as 4%)
  • 4 Quality Inspection (Free)
  • 5 Product Shipping
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After you submit your inquiry on, we will assign you a personal sourcing agent to help you find several of the best-priced, direct manufacturers in China and have a quotation sent to you in less than 48 hours. If you are satisfied with our the prices that we have found, we will get product samples from each supplier, check quality and ship all the items to you in one box. This will save you time and money! All you need to pay is the sample and shipping cost!

Need some custom products made? No problem! We can help you create mockup samples according to your requirements, and ensure that the quality of the sample is exactly same as mass production.

Do I need a sourcing agent?

Sourcing for suppliers on Alibaba by yourself can be time consuming and costly. Lets assume that you find 6 different suppliers, seemingly offering good price and it will cost you at least 100USD (sample fee and shipping) PER SAMPLE to check. This adds up fast, and it you aren’t guaranteed that any of the samples will be quality.

Here at, we want to save you money and time by vetting the suppliers ourselves, getting quality samples from multiple manufactures and having them shipped to you together for comparison.