Most sourcing companies in China will charge an upfront fee, and then start sourcing suppliers. Here at Amzonsource we help you source your supplier for free!

Our Process is easy.

  • 1 Product Sourcing (Free)
  • 2 Sample Customization (Starts from 20$)
  • 3 Production Follow-Up (As low as 4%)
  • 4 Quality Inspection (Free)
  • 5 Product Shipping
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If you are unsure of how to find Chinese suppliers, have failed to find the right manufacturer, or just don’t like doing it, you are in the right place! Your personal sourcing agent will help you find the best-matched supplier, and get their quotation in less than 2 working days! If you already have a supplier that you are working with, but you want to see what other options are available, your personal agent can also help you find other manufacturers who can offer you better prices and quality.

Yes! You heard that right!! You don’t need to pay anything for product sourcing. When you are completely satisfied with the product quotes and sample quality, you can consider hiring us to help you follow-up with production and use our other valuable services.
Just click the button “I need an agent to start”, and fill out your information. Our customer support will assign a professional agent to contact you shortly.