Your personal agent will help you coordinate with manufacturers, to make sure everything is produced as you required. No upfront charges.

Our Process is easy.

  • 1 Product Sourcing (Free)
  • 2 Sample Customization (Starts from 20$)
  • 3 Production Follow-Up (As low as 4%)
  • 4 Quality Inspection (Free)
  • 5 Product Shipping
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After you confirm the sample and decide to place your order, the next step is production follow-up.

Production follow-up is much more time consuming than looking for a supplier – usually it takes several weeks or month. You definitely don’t want to waste weeks or months in both time and energy to keep your eyes on the production.

That’s why you may choose our Production Follow-up Service – we help you save your time and energy and we make every step even easier.

Your personal agent will help you follow up with your manufacturer, your personal agent ensures each and every product is produced to your requirements. You only pay as low as 4% service fee, when your order is finished.

If you choose our Production Follow-Up service, you will get extra bonus service for free which includes:

1. Quality Inspection
2. Cargo Shipping
3. Warehouse Storage
4. Product Photography