The best way to ensure you get good quality product from China is to have someone inspect your product beforehand. 

When hiring Third Party Inspection Companies, it can cost $300+ for one inspection! If problems or defects are found, you have to deal with manufacturer to fix the entire problem by yourself and pay for the 2nd and 3rd inspection. This is a HUGE waste of money!

By using our Amzonsource production follow up service; you will be eliminating these headaches. We help you inspect your product free of charge! We will collect your goods and do an inspection in our warehouse. If we find any quality issues, we will deal with the manufacturers on your behalf.

If you still have any concerns, we also provide an inspect “one by one “service. Our workers will check every single product one by one for quality and ensure a defect rate of 0%

Regardless if you are importing through Amzonsource or by yourself, you ALWAYS need to have an inspection done in China to check the quality.